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Meet Samantha

Posted: February 26, 2012 by snwolk in Samantha

Hey bloggers!  Welcome to our site, Tellin’ the Vision.  My name is Sam and I am a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin.  As a busy college student, I don’t always have time to watch my favorite shows live.  So in my times of need, I turn to my TV savior: Hulu.  This semester I will be writing about my love affair with Hulu and all that it has to offer.  Get excited!

Incase you were interested in knowing a little bit about me, here it is:  I am a TVholic.  I love all differenttypes of shows.  I also have an identical twin sister.  I love playing tennis and soccer.  I am obsessed with chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter, and gummy/sour candy.  I am always on Facebook and Twitter.  I enjoy going on Stumbleupon, but am interested in learning how to work Pintrest (comment if you want to teach me how it works!).  Also, I’m excited to write to you each week and look forward to some feedback!


Welcome aboard

Posted: February 25, 2012 by Kim VDH in Kim

                                                                        Hey TV fanatics!

My name is Kim Van Dyn Hoven and I am currently a freshman at UW-Madison.  A little bit about me is that I love sports (especially soccer), am into photography, thinking about a career in business, love nature/being outdoors, and of course I am a big fan of TV shows and movies.

For the blog I will personally be talking about how televisions and computers are slowly becoming the same thing as new technology is evolving allowing for a more unified system.  With things like Google TV, Apple TV, and other ways to combine your computer and television there are endless possibilities at the push of a button.  Going into this I’m going to be honest and say I don’t know much about these products right now, but as the blog moves along I will hopefully gain lots of knowledge as well as supply you with everything you need to know about our ever changing media technology.  So bare with me as I go on this learning adventure and feel free to make any comments about anything that may be wrong or anything new that I should be looking into.


About Sidney

Posted: February 25, 2012 by Sidney in Sidney

Hello blogosphere! Welcome to Tellin’ the Vision, we’re glad to have you here!

A little about myself: I am a freshman at UW-Madison and am, at present, undecided in my major but my current plan is Communications (I tend to be a horrible decision-maker so this could change several times). I am interested in all things music and entertainment but I am especially obsessed with Pinterest and Facebook and the like (I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest..winkwink..). I love fashion, I love photographs, I love dogs and pets, I love reading, and I LOVE to write. By this point you’re probably wondering what this girl doesn’t love… well truth is there’s not much… however, I am not particularly fond of mustard, I’m just saying…

Enough of that, now a little about what you’ll be seeing from me on Tellin’ the Vision… Because our blog is focused on media’s impact on television, my main topic will be about television in the past and television today. For example: I Love Lucy vs. GCB (a new show on ABC debuting on March 4). There is always new TV, but there is also always old TV out there that either everyone has heard of or no one has heard of at all. Going along with the old and new theme, shows like 90210 that were alive back in the day but are now new and popular remakes will also be a big focus. There’s a lot of excitement in TV and I can’t wait to share this excitement with our readers!

Hope you enjoy our blog!:)



Posted: February 25, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri

Hi, hi, hi blog readers! It’s Pri here, comin’ at ya in Tellin’ the Vision! Currently, I’m a freshman at University of Wisconsin Madison, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I’m undecided in a future career and major, but I’ll figure it out soon. In my free time I love to play tennis, shop, travel, spend time with my family and friends, and oh, shop. I love all things that sparkle and shine, so get ready for some bright posts, haha get it?  I’ll be bringin’ you guys news of the latest TV shows throughout the week and how you can learn more about your fav shows. At Tellin’ The Vision we love all tv networks, so get ready to share the love! Get excited for the best blog ever, because you know I am!





Posted: February 25, 2012 by ahaffner in Andrew

Hey, my name is Andrew and I’m a freshman here at the UW.  This blog is a student project collaboration between me and the 4 ladies whose names, photos, whatever appear on this site. Basically we all like TV and it’s something we feel is sufficiently media/journalism related to blog about it for class! Enjoy!