Which is the better “berg”? Andy Samberg or Mark Zuckerberg?

Posted: April 24, 2012 by snwolk in Samantha

In light of last week’s readings and online assignment, I decided to combine the topic of Facebook with my weekly blog post topic and watch clips about Facebook on YouTube.  However, the clip I ultimately decided to show you is of Andy Samberg impersonating Mark Zuckerberg (or as he dubs him, Zuck Dawg) at F8 2011 where Zuckerberg was giving a keynote speech.  While Samberg is hilarious like usual, he also hits on some of the main ideas of Facebook that we have been discussing in class and reading in articles.  He talks about user growth, saying it’s more people than have claimed to have created Facebook and explains that it is to the point where they “have just stopped counting.” He joking plays on the exponential growth and popularity Facebook has gained over the past few years along with the law suites that have undertaken regarding Facebook’s origin.

He goes on saying how the focus has shifted from user growth to user engagement–which is true.  Facebook is so big that everyone already knows about it and has an account; the job now is to get people using it more often and in new and different ways.  Samberg (as Zuckerberg) talks about how the focus now is on sharing and greater openness, and goes on to talk about mundane things, like running out of toothpaste, that users should share with their friends on Facebook.  While he is obviously poking fun, Samberg is definitely getting at the issues around the privacy settings that users have so loudly voiced.  Additionally, Samberg comes up with some comical “new features” for Facebook that would in reality actually be helpful.  These features include a list of friends called “I’m Not Really Friends With These People” for those who you don’t want to be associated with, but can’t ignore (like an awkward neighbor, etc.) and the “Slow-Poke” that takes 24 hours to reach the person you send it to, so that you can un-poke someone.  While the comedian is of course just making some friendly jokes, they are funny because they are true.


  1. Jordyn Heller says:

    this is hilarious! it’s hilarious yet informative. i really enjoyed this youtube- “zuck dawg” definitely seems to have more personality than humble and shy mark!

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