TV and the Web!

Posted: May 6, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri

Morning bloggers! Today I wanted to talk about a few different TV network’s websites I found fascinating, ABC and CW. Not only can you stream full episodes, but today’s online TV world let’s you see extra footage and behind the scenes action on the show! Each website is different, representing the network and how it serves it’s viewers.

As I was browsing through ABC family’s website,, I came across some really cool things! The homepage was easy to navigate and the latest new shows were grandly presented! The shows themselves were separated into three different categories, “whats hot”, “daytime”, and “evening”. The shows that currently weren’t on air were also shown, integrated into these categories. I clicked on one of my favorite shows “Modern Family”. The page was filled with tons of access to everything, photos, videos, bios, and this cute virtual book called a “memory book”. It was an online scrapbook with all the episodes this season, filled with photos and captions and it even had some videos. I then found out there was a contest with the memory book. Fans would send in a funny family memory book page and then get voted on! I thought this idea was so unique, and never would’ve pictured this on a TV website!

After my ABC search, I went to the CW website, I’m much more familiar with this website because almost all my shows that I watch are on here, so it’s super easy to stream them if I ever miss a week. What’s cool about the CW is that it integrates so many cool new gadgets in technology in their website. From Facebook to Pinterest boards, CW had so many options. I clicked on Gossip Girl, my favorite show on CW. Similar to ABC, I found links to meeting the cast, photos, videos and more. I even found a link to a blog for Gossip Girl that recapped all previous episodes. What I found really cool was that Gossip Girl had a Spotify channel! Spotify is a music station similar to Pandora, CW had put together all the music from season 4 of the show and made a music station for it! There was GG games, books, and more.

Both the sites had so much to offer fans. I think a lot of times these sites are overlooked and just used for streaming, but for die-hard fans of shows there are such cool links on the network’s websites. Do you guys agree? How many of you have never really looked through a TV website? The options are limitless!


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