Posted: May 7, 2012 by ahaffner in Andrew

I don’t watch the news on TV very often, but when I do, it’s usually silenced at a gym or restaurant. Like much of my generation, and, I suspect, an increasing portion of those who came before us, I consume most of my news online; lately I’ve been getting more into reading newspapers, as I enjoy the feeling of superiority it gives me. But aside from this, televised news is a long-standing American tradition. From the days of Walter Cronkite and other classic newscasters, to today’s crop of highly partisan, squabbling news squads, we as a nation have valued our news.

Despite the encroachment of the Internet, cable news is still going strong. According to this survey by the Pew Research Center poll results about 57% of Americans reported that they typically watch the news every day. Meanwhile, a poll quoted by The Guardian reported that Fox news was, amazingly, the most trusted news source amongst those polled. Fox is noteworthy in its politically charged programming and targeting of a partisan niche audience, tactics that have driven up its ratings at the expense of long time rivals CNN and MSNBC.

As I said earlier, I don’t watch the news very frequently; I think it’s a little archaic, with its commercials and its set-in-stone list of stories that may not interest me. Many of the topics covered are human interest pieces with considerable shock or cuteness value, which only reminds me that the whole point of the show is to draw in as many viewers as possible. Televised news does occasionally provide us with some awesome clips; here is one of them.


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