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Many people have probably heard about all the supposed subliminal messages that are in many of the Disney classics people grew up watching and love.  There is anywhere from apparent “boners” to the word SEX being written throughout many movies that could be suggesting bad things to children.  Were these actually put in the movies from some secret employee who wanted a good laugh? Or are people taking this idea way to far and stretching what ever they can to make it seem as if there is something “hidden” in the movies.

Some of the things seem to be a pretty far stretch, especially if you can’t make out the words unless there is a hint to as what you should be looking for. A person could make up almost any words as long as they are similar sounding to what was originally said then it will seem like the character could possibly be saying something something naughty. The reason people can make so many parodies and different versions of songs or videos is because it is really easy to distort words to make them seem as if a person is actually saying something else. Who is to say that people’s imaginations aren’t just being stretched to the max. Here is a video that feels everyone is making too big of a deal about this and kind of makes fun of the whole subliminal message idea. Just follow the link to and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

What do you think? Are there really subliminal message hidden in Disney movies, or are people just trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill? Or do you know of any more “subliminal messages” that the videos didn’t mention?



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Seeing as how I have been talking about controversies I thought I would talk about one of my favorite shows that is constantly going against the grain…Tosh.0. I will warn you though that Tosh.O isn’t for young kids or people who get offended easily.  This show takes the idea of open-source media to its fullest by taking clips off Youtube and having Daniel say hilarious commentary about the things people post and do.  It proves that if you don’t want the world to make fun of you and see some of your “great”  ideas, then you probably shouldn’t be putting it on the internet.  If you want to get a good laugh then check out, or even follow, the Tosh.0 blog and be entertained everyday.  I promise you will almost be falling out of your chair some days by the many pics and videos the Tosh.0 crew found for everyone’s entertainment.  Whenever I feel loaded down with homework or just want a good laugh I always go and check out the blog or watch old clips. Do you feel that Tosh.O is hilarious and older generations need to deal with the fact that content is becoming more and more explicit? Or has Daniel Tosh taken it too far at times?

For a sneak peak at what is shown on Tosh.O check out one of my favorite clips Super Mario Bros (not for small children) and see what the show is all about for yourself. :)

Corrupt Disney Classic

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Many people grew up watching Disney cartoons on Saturday mornings before there was cable or dish and you only had about ten channels to choose from.  Research has been looking at shows that may promote violence in little kids with the Road Runner being one.  Now I can see how watching shootings, people being blown up, fighting, or even hitting could make some kids think it was okay to do the same things since they saw it on TV.  Kids do learn from watching others and copying them to see how people respond, but is the Road Runner really going to make kids go out and punch each other?

I feel that I grew up just fine and was no where near a violent child while growing up watching the Road Runner and other Disney classics.  I feel that most kids can determine the difference between a funny cartoon character and a real life situation.  All the episodes where the Wile  E. Coyote is trying to catch the Road Runner he is using outlandish ways of doing it that never work.  If a little kid can find any of the many things the Wile E. Coyote  used then I am afraid that parent should be reported to child services because no kid should be able to get a hold of bombs, dynamite, and other explosive devices. There are a lot worse shows on TV that kids could be watching besides the Road Runner that show violence kids can actually do.

In the end I feel that it is again down to the parents to be responsible for what their kids watch.  If their kid is starting to act violent towards others then the parent needs to step in and teach the kid some manners and what is socially acceptable and what isn’t.  Most of the problems with kids comes from bad parenting, not the TV.  If anything, TV is being blamed for all the problems that bad parenting and child care make.  If the parent wouldn’t let their kids watch so much TV to begin with this would never be a problem.

What is your opinion?

Glee influence

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Hey fellow Gleeks! This week I’m going to talk about one of the many controversies surrounding Glee. If you are like me and have always loved Glee, but haven’t been able to find tons of time to watch it while at school then here is a recap of the episode from someone on Youtube.


Some people thought by doing this episode the show was promoting teen sex, saying that it was alright and something that normal teens do all the time. More and more TV shows talk about teen sex on TV like Sixteen and Pregnant, Secret Life of an American Teenager, and many more are showing this apparent trend.  Is Glee wrong for doing the same and making it seem as if teen sex isn’t that big of a deal?


I feel that teen sex is something that has always been going on, but now people are more open with the type of information they choose to share. I don’t feel that is was necessarily wrong for Glee to show Rachel and Finn, and Kurt and Blaine getting truly intimate for once one the show.  It is something that teens are faced with everyday and should be made aware of instead of pretending like it never happens. For the longest time shows used to only show the “good” stuff about life and none of the hardships of being a teenager, getting divorced, or being homosexual.  People need to realize that it is 2012 and the world is changing weather people want it to or not. Instead of complaining about Glee for doing similar things to all the other shows, people should be making teen pregnancy and self-awareness groups if they want to make a difference, because even if Glee didn’t air this episode, someone else would have aired one just like it.

Spongebob Making Children Stupid?

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Hey bloggers! I hope you are all having a great week.  I felt like there wasn’t a ton to talk about pertaining to TV techonlogy so i’m going to kind of switch directions on you and start talking about controversies over different TV programs instead and see what you all think about them. This week i’m starting out with everyone’s favorite friend from under the sea, Spongebob Squarepants. It has come up in discussion that Spongebob is apparently making children stupid. ABC Nightline did a report on this, Study Finds Watching SpongeBob Squarepants Makes Preschoolers Slower Thinkers, where they said that even a few minutes of the show “hinders abstract thinking, short-term memory and impulse control in preschoolers.” Research has also been done by Angeline Lillard who did a studied 60 4-years-old after having some watch Spongebob for 9 minutes.  The kids who watched Spongebob were apparently much slower at staying focued on the task at hand then the children who watched a slower show like Dora.

The makers of Spongebob retaliate these claims saying that their show is intended for 6-11 years-old and not preschoolers and so parents should know not to let their little children watch the program.  They also state that the show is meant to entertain children, not  teach them information, so if parents want their kids to learn while watching TV they should force them to switch the channel. This brings up a good point that the ultimate responsibility for a child’s health and well being is on their caregiver. The study hasn’t been repeatedly proven so there is no point in assuming that it is making kids dumb.  Instead parents should just be aware that the show is meant to entertain older children. I feel that Spongebob isn’t any worse than a bunch of other shows children can watch and if parents think it is making their children dumb then they should block them from watching it. What do you think?

Apple TV

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Hey everyone! This week I was searching around online trying to find something I wanted to write about and I decided on telling you about Google’s competition….Apple TV when I came across the website The Verge that had an article on “Apple TV review”.  Unlike Google, Apple doesn’t actually give you a new TV, instead you are buying a little box that hooks up to the internet and your TV. It is small little box that can fit anywhere making it really easy to add to your home entertainment system. The remote looks just like an iPod Nano without a screen, except a little bigger.  This design can make it hard to move around through different menus and becomes a pain when you have to type in a password unless you have an iPad that can hook up as a keyboard. Besides the sometimes irritable remote, the device  is extremely easy to use and is set up pretty much like all the other Apple devices.

Some other downfalls to Apple TV is you are only allowed to do things that relate to other Apple products. You can’t just go and search around the internet, you have to go on iTunes or flip through all the apps they offer. The only service that has hooked up with Apple TV right now is Netflix, if you have Hulu or anything else you won’t be able to stream them through Apple.  You can watch stuff off of your other devices, but that can be difficult to set up and not always work well.

Although the device isn’t perfect, still has some cool things associated with it.  One of the coolest thing is that you can use a wireless connection to bring your iPad, iPhone, or iPod screen up on your TV and play games and look at e-mail through your other Apple devices. It also has really good picture quality and sound depending on what type of speakers you have for your entertainment system.

In the end I feel that Google TV would still be a better option because it allows you to do a lot more things and actually makes watching TV more simple.  Apple TV only allows you to use their products in more ways instead of making the TV experience any better.  It just seems to me that there is more you can do with Google TV right now. If you don’t know much about Google TV then check out my old blog It’s a TV! It’s a Computer! It’s Google TV!.

Google TV makes it so whenever someone goes to watch television or just wants to browse the internet they can, with ease. It allows people to sit in front of their TV and get instant gratification by being able to find their favorite show almost instantly, watch videos online, check their e-mail, or even surf the internet from the comfort of their couch.  What if college students were given the option to have this luxury though?  Being a college student is a fast paced lifestyle that requires students to be able to be two places at once and keep up on all the information going around. If every dorm room on campus came with a Google TV then getting entertainment would become a lot easier. Down time would go from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, while also making it possible for students to be even more productive if they use their time wisely.  Not only could Google TV be helpful to the general public, but it could also be potentially very useful to the ever busy college student.

What do you think? Would Google TV make students more productive, less productive, or have no effect on their overall productiveness?