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TV and the Web!

Posted: May 6, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri

Morning bloggers! Today I wanted to talk about a few different TV network’s websites I found fascinating, ABC and CW. Not only can you stream full episodes, but today’s online TV world let’s you see extra footage and behind the scenes action on the show! Each website is different, representing the network and how it serves it’s viewers.

As I was browsing through ABC family’s website,, I came across some really cool things! The homepage was easy to navigate and the latest new shows were grandly presented! The shows themselves were separated into three different categories, “whats hot”, “daytime”, and “evening”. The shows that currently weren’t on air were also shown, integrated into these categories. I clicked on one of my favorite shows “Modern Family”. The page was filled with tons of access to everything, photos, videos, bios, and this cute virtual book called a “memory book”. It was an online scrapbook with all the episodes this season, filled with photos and captions and it even had some videos. I then found out there was a contest with the memory book. Fans would send in a funny family memory book page and then get voted on! I thought this idea was so unique, and never would’ve pictured this on a TV website!

After my ABC search, I went to the CW website, I’m much more familiar with this website because almost all my shows that I watch are on here, so it’s super easy to stream them if I ever miss a week. What’s cool about the CW is that it integrates so many cool new gadgets in technology in their website. From Facebook to Pinterest boards, CW had so many options. I clicked on Gossip Girl, my favorite show on CW. Similar to ABC, I found links to meeting the cast, photos, videos and more. I even found a link to a blog for Gossip Girl that recapped all previous episodes. What I found really cool was that Gossip Girl had a Spotify channel! Spotify is a music station similar to Pandora, CW had put together all the music from season 4 of the show and made a music station for it! There was GG games, books, and more.

Both the sites had so much to offer fans. I think a lot of times these sites are overlooked and just used for streaming, but for die-hard fans of shows there are such cool links on the network’s websites. Do you guys agree? How many of you have never really looked through a TV website? The options are limitless!


Longest Running TV Shows!?

Posted: April 24, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri


This week I did some research for all you TV lovers. Do you ever wonder which TV show’s have run the longest!? To my surprise I found this chart on Wikipedia (I know, I know it’s not that credible):

Series Network Actively
Number of
Meet the Press [note 1] NBC 64 years November 6, 1947 4,946+
CBS Evening News [note 2] CBS 63 years August 14, 1948 16,400+
Hallmark Hall of Fame [note 3] ABC 60 years December 24, 1951 350+
Today NBC 60 years January 14, 1952 15,620+ Not including Weekends
Guiding Light [note 4] CBS 57 years June 30, 1952 September 18, 2009 18,262
Face the Nation CBS 57 years November 7, 1954
It Is Written Syndication 56 years March 1956
The Open Mind Syndication 55 years May 1956
Candid Camera [note 5] CBS 55 years August 10, 1948 May 23, 2004 1,000+
As the World Turns CBS 54 years April 2, 1956 September 17, 2010 13,858
The Wonderful World of Disney [note 6] ABC 54 years October 27, 1954 December 24, 2008 1,224
NFL on CBS [note 7][1] CBS 52 years September 30, 1956 5,000+

Before looking at the results, some shows popped into my head, shows like “Friends, The Simpsons, etc”. I never once thought of any News shows, and it turns out several are on the list! This makes sense since News has been around for quite a while, and TV is one of the fastest ways of spreading the information.

So I dug deeper, and found the 10 longest running sitcoms! The list is as follws:

1: The Simpsons (464 episodes)

2: The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (435 episodes)

3: South Park (202 episodes)

4: My Three Sons (380 episodes)

5: Cheers (270 episodes)

6: Fraiser (264 episodes)

7: Married… with Children (262 episodes)

8: The Jeffersons (253 episodes)

9: Friends (236 episodes)

10: Everybody Loves Raymond (210 episodes)
I don’t know about you guys, but there are 3 shows on this list that I have never even heard of and they are on the list for the longest running TV shows!? Am I the only one? Do you guys have thoughts on the list; shows you’d think would be on there but weren’t? I’m not a big fan, but I thought the old show, I Love Lucy, would be somewhere on the list. I thought they had tons and tons of episodes. Shows my TV knowledge. And I also noticed the list only had American shows on it. It’s quite possible other countries have even longer running shows!

Let me know you’re thoughts bloggers, I would love to hear some different opinions!

Ellen De”Generous”

Posted: April 16, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri

Sidneys post about Oprah inspired me to blog about my favorite talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show! From Politicians to 8-year old youtube sensations, Ellen invites everyone and anyone to her talk show. Known for her famous dance moves, the TV icon launched “The Ellen Show” in 2001 on CBS, but it suffered from bad ratings and was eventually cancelled. However in 2003, Ellen started “Ellen: The Ellen Degeneres Show” which proved to be a hit in the talk-show world. Still airing, Ellen has had over 1000 shows and is as successful as ever!

A list of Emmy Awards includes: Outstanding Talk Show in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, Outstanding Talk Show Host in 2005, 2006, 2007 and the list goes on. Ellen’s TV talk show didn’t stop her from getting in the limelight. The host replaced Paula Abdul in the popular show American Idol in 2009. In 2003, Ellen played Dory in the renowned Disney movie Finding Nemo. She was also listed  in the Forbes 20 Richest Women in Entertainment. Her constant fame and success brings Ellen power to bring good to people around her. Just like Oprah, Ellen is known to give extravagant gifts and help those in need. From helping animals to people suffering national disasters, Ellen has made a name for herself. Exposing herself to controversy, Ellen announced to the world in 1997 that she was gay. Now in a steady relationship with Portia de Rossi, she says she’s “never been happier”.

The show airs on weekdays at 4:00 PM!

MTV Spring Break 2012!

Posted: April 2, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri

Hey bloggers! MTV is hosting its annual Spring Break in the one and only Sin City. Vegas baby! Between March 20 – 22, MTV is hosting its biggest party ever.

Taking it to the extreme this year, MTV will have live performances by some of the hottest artists, including B.o.B, Young Jeezy, Dev, The Wanted, and Big Sean. Sammi, Ronni, and Deena from Jersey Shore will be hosting some of the craziest after parties. With such big names, MTV is hoping to attract tons of college students. The crazy-ness of Spring Break will be captured on film and aired the week of April 2nd. So don’t forget to tune in! And bloggers, remember, be safe. For ways to be safe, read Samantha’s post listing several ways to have a fun and safe vacation!

Get ready for Spring Break 2012 MTV style!


Pretty Little Liars reve”A”led!

Posted: March 25, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri

This past week, all you Pretty Little Liars fans were jumping out of your seat to watch the season finale of the show. A jaw-dropping, nail biting episode left viewers stunned. As questions began to be answered, an abundance of new questions began to form. If you don’t watch PLL, heres a quick recap:

Alison Delaurentis, the “perfect” queen bee of Rosewood High rules the school with her four best friends, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. However when Ali disappeared at the night of their 7th grade sleepover, the girls are left confused and devastated. It wasn’t until a year later Alison’s dead body was found, and as horrified as the girls were, they think that all their little secrets are finally safe. Soon after, they begin to receive messages from a mysterious person known as “A”. The threats turn to blackmail as “A” brings out all their dirty secrets. After 2 seasons of utter torture, the girls finally figure out that “A” is Mona, Hanna’s long time best friend. However, it isn’t just Mona, there’s a whole group of people on “Team A”. Viewers begin to ask who is the leader of Team A? Who else is in the group? What do they want from the four girls? How does this all connect?

So fans, what are your thoughts? Any idea what’s going to happen next season, if Team A will ever be revealed?

The next season has fans excited and ready to face new problems, new characters, and new secrets. Bloggers, get ready for the show that everyone can’t stop talking about.

Americas Next Top Model.. COLLEGE EDITION?

Posted: March 18, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri

The 19th cycle of our favorite modeling show, Americas Next Top Model has announced its new twist for the season! They’re making it a College Edition! Going to over 40 different states with colleges, their hopes to find the new next top model is lying right in our age group!  The crew even came here, to our hometown, Madison, for casting calls!


As for Tyra, what do you think her main purpose of doing this season was? I certainly think attracting the college crowd will get her much higher ratings and many more viewers. I used to be an avid watcher, but after the 4th cycle, I kind of stopped watching. However, I know for sure I’ll watch this cycle! That’s the thing about TV… making TV relatable to viewers is key in a successful show. Everyone knows younger girls watch the show because the appeal. The photos of all the models turn out so gorgeous, and you have that urge to find out who wins! The college crowd will be fascinated with this season, so tune in to see what happens!

New 2012 Shows to Watch!

Posted: March 11, 2012 by Priyanka in Pri

A brand spankin’ new show just aired on March 1st that has got the people talkin’! NBC’s “Awake” starring Jason Isaacs is a show consisting of two realities. Isaacs plays a cop who loses a loved one in a tragic car accident, but he doesn’t know whether it is his son or his wife who has died. In one reality, his wife is alive. In the other, his son is alive. The plot sounds confusing, I know. But watch the video above, and the episodes that have aired, and you’ll be hooked! “Awake” might just be the favorite new drama of 2012!

Watch out Glee fans, another show is making it’s way up to the top! “Smash” is known as the new Glee for grownups.  It’s about a group of people who decide to create a broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Katherine McPhee stars as a small-town girl wanting to make it big in the industry and this musical is her chance. Join the journey of creating this musical on NBC Mondays 10/9c!